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Electrical appliance glass, glass containers and bottles, automotive glass, architectural and decorative glass. SAATI Emulsion. SAATI Chemicals' emulsions include pure photopolymer, dual-cure, diazo and triple-cure technologies. SAATI Chemicals emulsions feature wide latitude and yield high-resolution stencils with fewer pinholes. The high solids content and medium viscosity of Grafic emulsions produce high definition, low Rz stencils.

Saati emulsion

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Used to expose stencils on your screens for  Description. SaatiChem's Grafic PS Emulsion is a blue pure photopolymer emulsion that is resistant to UV-cured, plastisol, and solvent-based ink. This emulsion  SAATI GRAFIC HU42 + DIAZO 1 · SAATI. (1 Review).

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vitrum cts3 tds. FOTEC is a brand of Saati focused on screenprinting chemicals. The range of products includes all screen process stencil materials: emulsions and capillary films, computer-to-screen emulsions, all chemicals for mesh preparation, stencil and ghost image removal, and even for “old style” technicians FOTEC presents masking and hand-cut films. The Saati Chemicals Division offers frame adhesives, mesh degreasers, photosensitive emulsions, capillary films, blockouts and fillers, and reclaim chemistry.

Saati emulsion

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problem SolvIng SAATI Textil PV-EZR Emulsion is a super easy to reclaim textile emulsion with pure photopolymer speed & convenience, but the price of a dual-cure Red pure photopolymer direct emulsion resistant to plastisol ink, abrasion and humidity. Exposes 8x faster than a diazo or dual-cure emulsion. Features & Benefits.

Water resistant when post-exposed. High solids content and medium viscosity for excellent print definition on any mesh. Exposes 4 times faster than diazo or dual-cure emulsions with no mixing require. SAATI has worked tirelessly over decades to produce emulsion and film that produce the best results for every type of screen printer, regardless of whether they enjoy the use of state of the art facilities, swear by tried and true traditional methods, or have just begun to explore the screen printing industry. Saati ER6 Emulsion Remover Saati.
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SAATIgraf emulsions can produce high-resolution screen printing stencils, which need fewer retouches. The high solids content and the medium viscosity of SAATIgraf emulsions produce stencils with low Rez value and excellent printing definition on any fabric.

$87.00 each SAATI PHU-HR Emulsion - One Gallon 4 items in stock Add to cart. $66.49 each Graphic HU - One Gallon 8 items in stock Add to cart.
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All SAATIgraf emulsions are easy to recover, non-hazardous and biodegradable. SAATI offers its SAATIvit range of emulsions for all forms of glass printing including traditional or computer-to-screen, with photopolymer, hybrid and diazo-based formulations. SAATI Chemicals' emulsions include pure photopolymer, dual-cure, diazo and triple-cure technologies.